~~Pets are Everything to us!

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Why us?

Pets are Everything to us and we only sell the best products for your pets, those pet products that we have used or would use for our own pets.

  • We are dedicated to finding the best pet products for your pets and you.
  • We are dedicated to bringing you pet products that are made in the USA from USA materials.
  • Your puchase will contribute to the US economy.
  • We look for pet products that are natural, eco-friendly and that work.
  • We are NOT a faceless, uncaring, gigantic company.
  • We ARE a very small, family owned, company with faces and voices.
       Eventually our site will contain a lot photos, videos and audio about our pets (and us).
  • We want you to consider us as part of your family.
  • We will post pet related tips and articles in our blog.
  • We will have forums so that users can talk pet products, pet diseases, pet news and, well, anything they want to about pets.
  • A portion of every purchase helps care for and feed rescued cats, dogs and horses.